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Award with the seal "Wirtschaftsmagnet 2017"

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Wilhelm Schröder GmbH receives the seal "Wirtschaftsmagnet" - The certificate for holistic and sustained successful management

In January 2017 the Wilhelm Schröder GmbH from Herscheid in North Rhine-Westphalia was awarded the "Wirtschaftsmagnet" seal. The seal is awarded to particularly strong companies ...

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State Secretary Bomba is on the spot


High visit to Kai Okulla, Managing Director Wilhelm Schröder GmbH in Herscheid: Rainer Bomba, State Secretary in the Ministry of Transport in Berlin, wanted to get to know the system developed by the Herscheider company, which can warn of wrong-way drivers and account free parking spaces.

The Secretary of State was invited by the local member oft he Bundestag Matthias Heider and the traffic expert of the union Oliver Wittke. The two members of parliament had visited the company and its managing director in the summer and convinced themselves  ...

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Frank Baudis adopted at BROSE

BaudisVerabschBroseThe surprise was successful. After nearly 37 years, Frank Baudis retired at the end of 2016. Frank Baudis has almost managed a customer during his working life: BROSE Fahrzeugteile GmbH in Coburg. On his last date, they met with long-standing contacts in the canteen in Coburg for a joint brunch. In familiar round common stories were exchanged for two hours in a pleasant atmosphere. With Markus Raese, Schröder has been able to find a successor, who has already been trained by Mr. Baudis for more than a year and has a well developed business relationship. We would like to thank BROSE for this non-self-evident adoption and look forward to continuing the long-term partnership with innovation and tradition!

Schröder - Your Partner

Only a strong team achieves success – thanks to our employees, we can count ourselves amongst the leading suppliers of metal-plastic / hybrid connections.

Since the founding of our company in 1924, decades of experience and developed knowledge have helped our employees to continually grow and have developed us into the company that we are today – the specialist for metal-plastic connections.

The bundled effects of synergy, like the interplay between metal and plastic in hybrid technology, give us the necessary edge in meeting our customers' demands and making our customers stronger.

From the small part of a door lock component, hybrid solutions for vacuum cleaners to parts of the cover of a Bluetooth control unit all the way to parts relevant for safety in automobiles. Our component solutions and system structural components are used in the interior, exterior as well as in the chassis area, whether it is a design component with refinement of the surface (painting, chroming, speckled / grained) or bearing components in the axle area, steering, engine mount, headstock, mounting bracket, stop bracket and much more all the way to complex air suspensions (suspension struts) made out of plastic or plastic metal – with us, everything comes from a single source. Because we do not just manufacture your products in accordance with customer demands but also offer our customers a value that pays off through our value creation potential analysis. The savings are often made up of a combination of product optimisations, that is, efficiency through appropriate material symbiosis, paired with weight reduction. It is our goal to create and manufacture products with best cost strategies with which our customers can further expand their market leadership in global competition – we stand for cost reductions through product innovation.

Our long-term customers from the automobile industry, "white goods" as well as the electronics industry and mechanical engineering appreciate our employees' expertise when it comes to solving difficult problems. Normal contract production is everyday business. But the challenge of improving parts that already exist through optimisation is one that we will gladly take. Sometimes we achieve optimisations through the selection of other materials or the reduction of them; sometimes by changing the structure or by eliminating individual components or through the integration of functions. That means that we add components in a production step (the main process), therefore reducing unnecessary process steps and unnecessary work operations – we make your components and system more streamlined, lighter and economical.

We would be happy to be at your side as a technical adviser / developer in the product development phase. Through close cooperation with research institutes and institutes of higher education, we offer you a better value in terms of academics and productivity. Tool production in our subsidiary "schnitt+form" is specialised in computer-aided 3D construction and the manufacturing of highly precise pressed and injection-moulded tools. Short paths between the creation and process testing as well as process maturity that pay off. We construct and, upon request, also maintain external tools as part of the customer's order – tool service and maintenance is the basis for effective production and creates trust in new products.

Contact us – it will be worth it.

Your Schröder team connects!